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Your new bestie ,  who loves taking your picture.

Personal Paparazzi Shoots

Capturing moments that require more than a selfie stick

and less than a professional photography session.

Hi. I'm Jen and I love taking people's pictures!

Nope, I'm not a professional photographer. I found my way to this humble side hustle through my main gig- Hair & Makeup, where I am constantly taking photos of my clients and work for my portfolio and website. Then I had a kiddo and fell in love with taking photos of him. Before I knew it friends were asking me to help them with little photoshoots for their small businesses, family and personal needs.

And I thought...this would make a great little side hustle.

A budget photographer for when you need more than a selfie stick and less than a pro photographer. So, here I am!

Babies and Yoga

Personal Shoots 

No matter your reason for wanting more photos of yourself, you deserve to have them. Maybe your partner just doesn't snap enough candids, or you want more pictures of you with your littles or just friends and family. I am happy to be the fly (with a camera) on the wall. I'll capture both candids and casually posed photos.

Light editing available as an add-on.

Small Business Content

In this day and age of social media, almost every small business needs to double major in photography, videography and content creation. it's exhausting. Plus, if you run a business, chances are you don't have time to stop and take photos of yourself at work. And reels? Whose got the time? ::insert brain explosion here::: So, allow me. I'll pop into your shop, studio or wherever and capture you in your element and/or your products. From snap shots to video footage.Then I'll send them to you and you can post away!

Light editing and reels available as an add-on.

Night Out On The Town ?

I will literally follow you and your gang around for a couple hours and capture candid and beautiful moments.

What Else?

Anything you can think of where you don't want to have to be taken out of the moment to remember to get a photo or video. I'm your gal. The possibilities are endless.

What I don't do...

...Is take the place of a professional photographer. I have mad respect for that world and profession and won't take work away from them. So, no weddings, portrait sessions or anything I feel requires a professional. Not sure if that's your project? Just ask. I am happy to chat about what I feel fits under my umbrella of "personal paparazzi".

Everything I do, is done with my iphone, which I am very skilled at using. All the content you see on my website and social media is exactly that. Shot, edited and posted all from the palm of my hand.

This is why I am your budget friendly, gal pal with a great eye for capturable moments and content.


Rates & More

$65 Per Hour.

2 complimentary lightly edited images.

$10 Per lightly edited image. 

$10 Per IG Reel. No Audio.

$90 Hair +Basic Makeup for Personal Shoot.

1 Hour. Basic Blowout or heat styling. No-frills, natural makeup. At Vallejo Studio location only.

No travel fee with 15 miles of  Vallejo, CA.

Beyond that $1 per mile travelled Round Trip.

This helps cover time, gas and tolls.  Max travel 30 miles.

Shoot locations outside 15 miles require a 2 hour minimum.

Yes, I have great spots for casual photo shoots near my home base in Vallejo.

All bookings are paid in advance.


Contact for Availability and Booking

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